To minimize your out-of-pocket costs, be sure to choose a DMC University Laboratory (DMC-UL) for your laboratory service.

Request your physician to always send your labs to a DMC-UL laboratory.

If your physician is not aligned with a DMC-UL laboratory,

  • Request a laboratory order from your physician. 
  • Take the laboratory order to a DMC-UL patient service center. 

To find a laboratory patient service center online, select one of the following:

Tenet DMC Network - (DMC-UL) DMC University Laboratories - Patient Service Centers

 Tenet DMC Network - (JVHL) Patient Service Centers:   JVHL provides you with three convenient methods * to locate a service center that meets your need.

    1. Search by Location
    2. Search by Hospital Affiliation (select DMC as your Hospital Affiliation
    3. View All Service Centers

* In all of the above methods, be sure to select DMC Care as your Insurance Provider


DMC Care Customer Service
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