About DMC Care

DMC Care is the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) sponsored by The Detroit Medical Center and its network of Participating Physicians.

DMC Care is a provider designed and direct managed health care organization whose integral principle is to provide quality health care while managing purchaser benefit costs.  Key principles of DMC CARE encompass (i) strict provider credentialing systems, (ii) aggressive Utilization Review programs, and (iii) fair and equitable provider reimbursements.

Through its governance structure, DMC Care directly enters into agreements with purchasers of health care services (employers, insurance carriers, health benefit plans, labor organizations, health and welfare funds, etc.) to use the DMC Care network; and have DMC Care manage the health benefit plan.  DMC Care works directly with purchasers to assist in the design of benefit plans that create an incentive for covered individuals and their dependents to select DMC Care providers for their health care needs.


DMC Care Customer Service
(800) 543-0161

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