NOTE:  The HealthSmart provider network applies only to DMC Employees (and eligible dependents) with DMC Care coverage.


DMC Employees (and eligible dependents) with DMC Care coverage:

Use the on-line 
HealthSmart Provider Search to find,
    DMC Employees: In Network providers

It's as Easy as

HealthSmart’s Provider Lookup is an easy to use search tool when you need to find doctors, hospitals and other providers of medical care.

The search is straightforward; you only need to make a few decisions to get results:

 Go Direct To:

  1. Choose Network Plan:  HealthSmart Payors Organization(HPO)
  2. Enter Location
  3. Choose Provider Options
Click on Find to view your search results.

If you need assistance, please contact the DMC Care Customer Services department toll-free at 800-543-0161


DMC Care Customer Service
(800) 543-0161

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