2015 Provider Bulletins

2015 Provider Bulletins

It is essential that the Network Development/Provider Services Department notify and educate DMC Care Providers in reference to policies and/or procedures. The Network Development/ Provider Services Department maintains its commitment to quality customer service by informing Providers in a timely and efficient manner when changes and/or updates occur.

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2015.001 01/01/15 DMC Care Chiropractors Covered Chiropractic Services for 2015
2015.002 01/01/15 All DMC Care Providers

2015 Provider Updates for DMC Care – Tenet Employed and Preferred Physicians

2015.003 04/10/15

DMC Care Obstetrician and Gynecologist Providers


The Acessa Procedure

2015.004 04/10/15  All DMC Care Providers

Nutritional Counseling

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2014 Provider Bulletins


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