November - National Lung Cancer Awareness Month
By the end of this year, 215,020 new cases of lung cancer are expected, according to the American Cancer Society. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, with nearly 90 percent of lung cancers thought to be a result of smoking.  The American Lung Association continues to lead the fight against lung cancer and its major cause - smoking.

The American Cancer Society continues its legacy of providing free resources to help smokers quit. 

For information go to these websites:

DMC Intraweb: DMC Smoke Free Policy FAQ

The Great American Health Challenge: Stay Healthy

The DMC has smoking cessation programs that can help you to quit smoking. DMC Care will cover a variety of nicotine replacement prescriptions (excluding gum).  For specific drug coverage, you can contact 4D Pharmacy at 877-647-4026. Check out the services that are available to help yourself or your loved ones quit smoking! 


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